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Our Company has been active in the Recovery of Precious Metals since 1972

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MetalLogic is the largest company in Greece for processing radiographic and lithographic films. It is the final receipient of this waste stream that also contains personal data.

The goal is from a large amount of material, to take a few grams of a representative sample which will be taken to our chemist for analysis.


MetalLogic is probably one of the oldest businesses in Greece that has dealt with the vertical management of WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment). We can manage all types of WEEE at our facilities and provide the best possible result.

Our company has a fully equipped chemistry lab and also extensive experience mainly for the analysis of precious and base metals of any form.

We are a production unit, equipped with the most modern equipment for correct sampling and with a specialized chemistry lab for precise analysis.

MetalLogic, in collaboration with GreenFence and the Collective Alternative Management System of Portable Batteries “AFIS AE” will create a National collection network with the best possible reciprocal benefit for Button-shaped Silver-oxide Cells.


Our company has the ability to manage a specific type of hazardous waste which contains precious and / or basic metals. Infectious and other hazardous materials should be transported to other properly licensed processing and management facilities in Greece.

We have extensive experience in the processing and recovery of precious metals from complex materials. Since 1972 we have worked with many categories and types of metals with different compositions and types.