MetalLogic in collaboration with GreenFence and the Collective Alternative Management System of Portable Batteries “AFIS AE” will create a National collection network with the best possible reciprocal benefit for Button-shaped Silver-oxide Cells.


Together with the now well-known bucket of AFIS, those interested can apply to GreenFence for getting an additional bin in which ONLY the Silver-Zinc Oxide Button Batteries (Button-shaped Watch Cells) are placed.

Such bins are entitled to all shops or other companies that manage this type of batteries. Regardless of the quantity collected per month or year, these batteries must be stored in a separate bin so that we can give you the respective price.


MetalLogic as the final recipient of the materials has the ability to offer the best purchase prices of the materials, without illegal intermediaries traders. The company adjusts its pricing policy according to the international prices that apply in each period.

Guaranteed the best price in Greece for small and large quantities

Illegal Trafficking

Our company, in addition to offering the best purchase price of button cells and flexibility in their purchase also offers its customers the necessary security in transactions as it has the licenses required by Greek legislation for the processing of batteries and a process approved by the AFIS system. Therefore, your cooperation with MetalLogic does not imply any fear of complaints in contrast with the illegal practices adopted by other companies.

Collection bin

Each bin is secured with a Numbered Security Seal to ensure that the bin will not be breached. The unique number corresponds to the respective bin so each user has his own unique number.

The collection bin is designed so that ONLY silver-oxide batteries enter through the 12 mm hole on its lid. Any other type will not be accepted. All bins will be inspected separately upon receipt at the recovery facility. The process of opening and checking the content will be videotaped so that in case there are other types of batteries there is a possibility of retrieving the video to confirm the content.


The bin is owned by GreenFence. You should keep it in good condition and in case you no longer need it it should be returned!


Depending on the expected quantity, a request is made by the interested party for one or more bins. After each application is made and approved, the following information should be sent at

  1. The tax data of the company (Name, Occupation, Tax Identification Number, Tax Office, Postal Code & City).
  2. The address for placing the bucket (in case it is different from the details of the company).
  3. The name of the contact person as well as an e-mail where all the information will be communicated.
  4. Contact details (Landline and / or Mobile, e-mail).
  5. Bank name, Account Number (IBAN) and holder’s full name where payments will be made.

When the above information is received, the shipment of the bin will be launched as soon as possible. Once the bucket is full then the AFIS system is informed so that it will be collected along with the bucket for common batteries. The bin collector then separates the regular bins from the GreenFence bins leading them to the corresponding processing unit.

The processing unit knows from the number of the stamp the name of the company that sent it (for this reason the bin should be handled carefully so that the stamp does not break).

The bucket is weighed and the tare weight is removed (approximately 60 gr per bucket) to determine the net weight of the batteries. Then in front of the camera, the bins are unsealed, the number of the seal is imprinted, the materials are then checked in order to identify and discard batteries that are of a different type. If there are large quantities of the non suitable type of batteries, GreenFence deducts the extra cost of handling them from the payment of the materials.

Finally, after the inspection is completed, the weighing note is sent by e-mail to the customer so that the pricing and payment of the materials can proceed.


For the receipt of the bucket, each interested party must sign a cooperation agreement which will describe the above procedure as well as all other details. The sending of the weighing note, Invoices and other receipts will be done electronically to the e-mail that the respective partner will provide. Alternatively, it will be possible to login with his own account credentials to an electronic platform that will be created for the process, where he will be able to track and download at any time his own invoices, receipts and also to be informed of the actions we have made.


The payment of the materials will be made by GreenFence after weighing and checking the bucket in a bank account that will be indicated to us. The company makes payments at the beginning of each month.

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