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Vision & Mission

Our company was founded in 1972 and is now considered the best in the field of Metal Refining and Processing in Greece.


Our vision is to develop MetalLogic into a fully automated confidential destruction and WEEE treatment plant, which will set a benchmark in the industry for both its environmental and financial performance.

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Our mission is to carry out the task of recovering Precious Metals, achieving high environmental performance, but also maximizing the financial efficiency of our processes for the benefit of our business.

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Winning Together

* We are a commercial organization dedicated to providing innovative solutions that create mutual value.

* We believe in our people and have a passion for growing ourselves and evolving others.

* We strive to deliver unmatched performance, exceeding our customers’ expectations with our passion, quality and haste.

* We always do what is right and not just what is easy, taking responsibility for the final result.

* We listen and we have the intellectual curiosity to learn, being strong enough to take smart risks.

* We work with flexibility and speed to unlock the potential and diversity of our teams.