MetalLogic is the largest company in Greece for processing radiographic and lithographic films. It is the final recipient of this waste stream that also contains personal data. In collaboration with the Confidential Destruction Division of the company, under the distinct title GreenFence, we have created a perfectly sound and lawful process combining the security of personal data with the best possible processing.

Personal Data

One of the biggest problems identified in the processing of materials containing personal data, such as medical records, is their proper management in accordance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the good practices set out by the Personal Data Protection Authority (PDPA).

Our company, identified the gap that existed in the market, and so it proceeded in 2003 to create a separate department that deals exclusively with the proper management of materials that include sensitive personal data. With continuous technological investments and organizational changes, “GreenFence” has reached the point to be considered as the most specialized company in the field of confidential destruction in Greece, offering the security and safety you need for processing your personal data. For more information visit:

Securing personal data with top quality services offered by GreenFence

Types of Materials

MetalLogic recycles all types of radiographic and lithographic materials. The materials it mainly processes are:

  • Common X-rays
  • Axial X-rays (MRI)
  • Dry Print X-rays (Dryview, Thermal, Digital)
  • Wastage of film developing
  • Coronary Angiography films Η rolls
  • Negative and Positive tone photoresists of Photolithography prints and newspapers’
  • Paper film
  • Unused, Unprinted Old and / or Expired Films
  • Industrial Films
  • Black and White Old Cinema Film (Not in Color)
  • Old Microfilm

For Materials within Greece, visit the GreenFence website at for an offer

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MetalLogic’s abides by its policy on managing radiographic films by not receiving materials from individuals and certainly not paying cash for the acquisition of such materials. Any purchase is made through a bank with the issuance of an invoice.

For purchases within Greece, any potential supplier must be able to prove that he is the owner of the materials and as the legally responsible person for their processing to be able to lead the materials to confidential destruction and recycling in accordance with the articles of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Potential suppliers may be:

  • Public, Private & Military Hospitals and Clinics
  • Private Clinics and Doctors’s Archive
  • Newspaper Prints
  • Companies that print Brochures, Labels, Packaging etc.
  • Municipalities and Other Public Institutions
  • Institutions and Companies that maintain a medical record for their employees.
  • Materials Sorting and Recycling Centers