Our company has been active in the field of precious metals recovery since 1972. We are a production unit, equipped with the most modern equipment for correct sampling and with a specialized chemistry lab for precise analysis.

Why choose us?

MetalLogic is the largest comπany in the sector in Greece and cooperates ONLY with professionals such as car scrap, car and exhaust workshops and NOT with individuals. Their purchase price is according to Ecotrade database. Ecotrade Group has the largest catalyst database in the world and has selected our company, among others, as their exclusive partner for the North-East Europe.


Our company, being the oldest in the field of metal processing and recovery in Greece, does not risk its brand that has built with so much effort all these years. Therefore, in addition to offering the best market prices, we provide you stability through a process that is completely transparent and customer-friendly.

Catalyst Receipt In Attica.

Our specialized employees will come to your premises and with your cooperation, identify your catalysts on the spot according to the Ecotrade database.

Catalyst Receipt Outside Attica.

For companies on remote locations, our company undertakes the receipt of catalysts by a cooperating transport company. The materials must be properly packaged and can bear a security seal. The shipment of the catalysts should be accompanied by a Packing List which will indicate the codes of the catalysts included in the shipment.

Process with transparency and professionalism


During the identification process, our employee checks the code of each catalyst and then marks it with a barcode sticker. The catalyst has now been registered and evaluated according to the ecotrade list. In case the catalysts are made by companies outside Attica, then our employee checks each catalyst in our facilities and updates the Packing List with the codes. To avoid possible problems, it is good practice for each company to have checked or stamped each catalyst by putting a serial number, date and signature with an indelible marker so that in case of dispute it can be resolved as easily as possible for both parties.

At the end of the process, the company gives the customer a final list that includes the types of catalysts and their daily. With this list every customer can go to the ecotrade website and certify the price given by our company.


Precious metal prices fluctuate widely and continuously which directly affect the value of catalysts. At the same time, however, the space occupied by the catalysts may be quite large and need to be freed, while at the same time the storage of such waste for a long time is not in accordance with current legislation and / or ISO 14001.

Our company gives you the opportunity to receive your catalysts and add the corresponding credits to your “account”, after the process of identification and evaluation have been completed. So these catalysts can be sold the day you need at the price value you have selected and want. Also, another benefit that our company offers, is that in case there are several small receipts (eg 10 receipts of 4 pieces) that will be accompanied by a mass sale (eg 40 pieces), the company in addition to the revenue generated by the sale of the pieces will give you a bonus of 5% (percentage of the sale’s revenue).

Immediate Payment

Payments for the catalysts we have received are made immediately and swiftly to a bank of your choice. For orders placed until 10:00 in the morning the payment is usually made on the same day or in case of heavy workload the next working day.

“I want to do an analysis for each catalyst separately.”

In case a customer wants to be informed and certify the content of precious metals for each catalyst separately, our company undertakes the entire process of sampling and analysis, offering at a very affordable cost a very good and reliable result. The process begins with the careful opening of the catalyst so that there are no losses of metals or any elements, and is completed with the correct separation resulting in a homogeneous and representative sample. This sample can be done with a simple non-destructive analysis in the WD-XRF analyzer, having a level of accuracy that is very close to reality, or with ICP-OES analysis where we have 100% accuracy.

“I have materials but I do not know the precious metals they contain.”

For materials that come from catalysts that you do not know exactly the content of precious metals our company can do sampling and quantitative analysis.


The sampling process is done in the chemistry lab of our company with specialized instruments that give the best and most representative sample as the analysis is chemical quantitative and not just with the use of a simple XRF analyzer. For more information on the process of sampling and analyses click here.



Our company has all the necessary licenses and covers all quality requirements as it is certified with four (4) quality systems ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015, 45001: 2018 and 27001: 2013 .. In addition we are contracted with EDOE and registered in the Electronic Waste Registry (EWC). At the end of each year we will send you the quantities we have received from your company to be included in your report.

Our company can offer the best price in the catalyst market but it has the policy of not receiving materials from individuals but only from authorized dealers and of course it does NOT pay cash for the catalysts. Any purchase is made through a bank with the issuance of an invoice.