Legislation on the proper management of hazardous waste has been more strict in recent years. Our company has the ability to manage a specific type of hazardous waste which contains precious and / or basic metals. Infectious and other hazardous materials should be transported to other properly licensed processing and management facilities in Greece.

Type of Materials

Our company receives and processes any Hazardous or Non-Hazardous, waste which contain mainly Precious and / or Basic Metals. The difference with other material disposal companies is that MetalLogic credits you or deducts from the destruction and processing cost,  the value of the metals that are contained in the liquids.

Some types of waste we receive are:

  • Disposal, Fixing and Flushing Waste Fluids from Radiological and Other Displays or Photobooth
  • Wastes from Silver Plating such as Cyanide Gold and / or Silver.
  • Acidic Liquid Waste such as Silver Nitrate or  solutions containing Rhodium, Platinum or Palladium
  • Electrolytes with Precious or Base Metals
  • Sulfide solutions from “whitening” of jewelry.
  • Sludges from waste treatment such as evaporation or Cementation
  • Salt waste from plating such as Cyanide Gold and Silver
  • Ion-exchange filters and columns of liquid waste processing 
  • Silver pastes
  • Waste from the production of Colloidal Silver 

Materials Identification

Usually the materials we receive come from a known processing process so there is a known way of approaching. During the initial conciliation we should be informed of the type of material and its origin and then in cooperation with you we categorize the waste according to the EWC Codes (European Waste Catalog).

In case the waste is unknown or quite specialized then before sending it, it is recommended to collect a sample to be analyzed in our chemistry to determine the type of material and the best approach. More information on the way of “Sampling” can be found here.


The transport of hazardous waste to our facilities is done only by specialized companies which must be properly licensed in accordance with the EWC codes that describe the waste. Every company has the ability to deliver hazardous waste to MetalLogic’s facilities using the hazardous waste transport company with which it works. In any case, the Company will NOT accept any hazardous waste if the transport company is not properly licensed. In that case we can suggest you or arrange the collection and transport with our partner.



Because packaging plays a big role in success it is important for:

  • The barrels in which the material is contained must be in perfect condition, ie without leaks, signs of oxidation and obvious damage that may affect their contents.
  • The material to be in a solid state and in no case should it be wet due to not sealed barrels.
  • Pallets to be properly arranged for easy unloading at MetalLogic facilities

Especially when transporting hazardous materials the packaging must be in excellent condition. More specifically, the barrels in which the material will be contained should be properly palletized so that they are easy to unload at MetalLogic facilities and also in perfect condition, i.e. without leaks, oxidation marks and obvious damage that can cause problems during transport and storage. In addition, the packaging of hazardous materials must be marked accordingly to the type of  the material in a visible spot. Hazardous material transport companies have the right to refuse the collection of the materials if they are not properly packaged.


Electronic Waste Registry (EWR)

Upon receipt of the materials, our company fills a hazardous waste monitoring form and sends you a copy for archiving. At the same time, all the quantities received by our company are registered in the Electronic Waste Registry (EWR) as required by law. Finally in the first months of each year we send you the quantities we have managed for your business.

Management Contracts

In order to be fully covered by the current Waste Legislation, every company should be able to demonstrate during the licensing or possible inspection by the authorities, a cooperation agreement with a waste management company, especially for the hazardous ones. Our company has the ability to meet this need as it can manage a wide variety of hazardous or non-hazardous waste.

We have all the licenses for the proper management of your materials