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About Us

Our company was founded in 1972 and is now considered the best in the field of Precious Metal Recovery in Greece

The First Steps

MetalLogic first started, in 1972, recovering silver from photographic waste and continued its successful course by integrating new methods to its operations and created the infrastructure for the recovery of precious metals.

Since then, the company has effectively managed over 500 different types, seeing each of them as a challenge to expand its knowledge and skills. After more than 50 years we are confident that we can manage any product that contains a precious metal and achieve the best possible result of its recovery.

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The technological changes that happened through the years, have not left the company impassive and reassured. The renewal, development of technology and know-how is attained with continuous and intensive efforts. This is the reason why our company currently has the best equipped facilities in Greece.

Since the start of our company in 1972, we have collaborated with dozens of other companies, Domestic, European, and International. The constant communication we have with our partners has enabled us to be well aware of the needs and requirements of the markets where we operate and being consistent with the obligations to our partners thus having an objective picture of things and giving the best solution to any problem.

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Our Team of Experts at your disposal

We are the right people to fully satisfy the needs of our partners.