MetalLogic, prioritizing the value of human life and the health of its employees and partners, adopts a policy for the health and safety of its personnel. The aim is to continuously improve the premises and working conditions, in order to ensure the safest working environment for its staff, partners, suppliers and customers.




In order to achieve these goals, MetalLogic adopts this policy as an integral part of its strategy and implements the following:

  • It applies personal protection measures (PPM) to all employees and ensures that they are informed so that they are used correctly and their protection is ensured to the maximum extent possible.
  • It fully complies with what is defined by the current Labor Legislation on workplace hygiene and safety and applies all relevant regulations and directives.
  • It fully meets the requirements of the Management and Safety at Work System (standard ISO45001:2018) and aims at the continuous improvement of this System and the continuous information and training of the staff, in relation to the effective operation of the Management and Safety at Work System.
  • Recognizes and assesses the risks associated with its activity, with the aim of preventing injuries, illnesses and generally adverse incidents that could harm personnel, equipment, facilities, materials, the environment and the reputation and value of the Company. In addition, it aims to minimize these risks by adopting safe methods and operating procedures both for normal work and for cases of emergency, in order to ensure the protection and safety of the staff and of society in general.
  • Ensures the allocation of the necessary resources for the implementation of this policy as well as the objectives and goals set by the Administration.
  • The Management of MetalLogic is committed to ensuring a safe working environment by maintaining the cleanliness of the premises and facilities both externally and internally, ensuring the regular control, maintenance and proper operation of the Company’s equipment and machinery.